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QLD Small Business Adaptation Grant

Updated: May 25, 2020

Please see our latest update below:

QLD Government small business grant

The QLD Government has released details of a ‘Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program’. In recognition of the significant impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses, the Government is providing grants up to a maximum of $10,000 per eligible small or micro business. The funding can be used towards activities to adapt and sustain the business’ operations. If eligible, you could use this funding to help with current or upcoming HR support or projects from Streamline HR and various other business advice and technology solutions for ‘strategic planning aligned to business development and diversification’. If you think this might be of interest please speak to us about possible projects and check your eligibility here:

Safe Work Australia resources

The Safe Work Australia website provides guidance and tools to assist businesses to manage health and safety risks related to COVID-19 in their workplace. The information is industry specific and includes guidelines for physical distancing, personal protective equipment, cleaning, workers’ compensation, conducting risk assessments and designing emergency plans. These can all be found on Safe Work Australia’s website at

Covid safe planning tool

In addition to the Safe Work Australia resources, there is also a ‘planning tool’ which has been released by the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission. This tool assists businesses to safely transition back to normal operating practices. It encourages all businesses to have a management plan in place and provides support and resources to help do this. Click here to find the tool

JobKeeper end date to be reviewed in June

The Prime Minister has confirmed that a review of the JobKeeper program's end date will be conducted in June. The review will look at how the JobKeeper program will continue, and whether this will differ for some industries that have been more severely impacted than others. We will keep up to date with any developments and work closely with you as needed as the changes happen.

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